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Bet Menorah's Mission
Ideals ad Goals of Bet Menorah.
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What we stand for:
  • Recognise God as Creator, Who has a covenant (Brit) with the Jewish People
  • Affirm the prime importance of Torah and the process of revelation and inspiration over the past 3500 years
  • Affirm the concept of Mitzvah obliging Jews to act in accordance with the ancient ethical tradition of Judaism
  • Affirm that Judaism has never been static but exhibited a history of continuity and change
  • Affirm that there have always been varieties of Judaism and to respect all of them
  • Affirm for the need for sincerity of worship
  • Affirm the equal status of men and women in Jewish life and ritual
  • Trust that Judaism is an active force for good in the lives of Jewish individuals
  • Affirm the unity of God : One and indivisible; transcendent and immanent; Source of Moral law; a God of Justice influencing our dealings with one another
  • Affirm that Humanity, created in the Divine Image, is endowed with free will, capable of goodness and of evil and able to enter a direct relationship with the Creator
  • Affirm the commitment to the State of Israel and our duty to seek its security
  • Hebrew and Torah are keys to building of ties between the past and the future of the Jewish People
  • Affirm the spirit of free inquiry accepting modern Biblical scholarship and rejecting religious fundamentalism
  • Shabbat and the festivals of the Jewish Year help us renew God's presence and build bonds of love at home and within the wider community transcending time and space uniting us into one family
  • Teaching of Torah to our children is understood to be one of the highest religious privileges shared by parents and teachers
  • Reverence for life, social justice and peace, the conservation of nature, the healing of the sick and the humane treatment of animals are key values of Judaism